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Shanghai Winner Environmental Technologies Co., Ltd was founded in 2001. It is a Chinese company that focuses on the industrial wastewater treatment and pure water treatment systems. Its business includes R&D, EPC and O&M for wastewater treatment in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, iron/steel, battery, printing/dyeing, electroplating, automotive, food/beverage and tanning industry. These customers require wastewater and ultra-pure water treatment solutions. Pollutants that are removed include heavy metals, acid and alkali wastewater, complex organic wastewater, high salinitywastewater, and NH3-N wastewater.

The Company built an international team familiar with world advanced water treatment technology, established partnerships withNijhuis, Netherlands, and other international companies. This promotes Shanghai Winner the ability to provide a bridge connecting foreign companies who have states of art technology in wastewater treatment with our customers, such as Syngenta, Tyco, Red Bull(China), Johnson Controls, Johnson Matthey, Cargill, SINOPEC, Bao Steel,Foxconn, Great Walland other multi-national enterprises and well-known domestic companies.

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On June 7-9th, 2018, Shanghai Winner Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. was one of more than 700 domestic and foreign...

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Shanghai Winner Environmental Technologies Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in Asia`s largest environmental prote...

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Winner and Nijhuis Announce Partnership

Shanghai Winner, a Shanghai-based industrial water solution integrator, has today announced a partnership with Nijhui...

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