1. Pure and Ultra-pure Water Treatment Systems

Using advanced equipment, from international equipment manufacturers (when needed), Winner uses high-technology membranes as its core process. These systems are custom designed based on Winner’s fifteen years of experience. The result is a state-of-the-art water treatment system that guarantees a quality product that is compliant with new and more stringent water discharge standards.

2. Sewage Treatment (normal)

Sewage treatment solutions that are tailored to the unique problems of the individual customer. These solutions are appropriate, practical, cost reducing, and efficient to ensure that total effluent is free of turbidity, contaminants, and restored to a natural state.

3. Re-cycling and Reclaiming Water Systems

Depending on Client specifications and regulatory requirements, Winner provides comprehensive water analysis, and using its core membrane technology combined with advanced oxidation processes it designs systems to recycle production water and, if required, totally reclaim that water for re-use (with zero discharge).

4. Recovery or Energy Producing Systems

Based on the mix of water, metals, organic compounds, and other available nutrients in sewage, Winner can design systems that add value based on recovery of metals, chemicals, or other materials in effluent. Systems with sufficient organic potential can generate bio-gas for use in the water treatment system (dehydration for example), can be sold externally, can be used to generate electricity, or it can be utilized in Client production. Sludge that meets environmental standards can even be used as fertilizer or diverted for irrigation.

5. ‘Green’ Technology to Reduce Emissions

A new area of expertise for Winner is in the capture and processing of various sewage nutrients that can be processed for various‘green’ applications. This new field of water treatment can recover precious water in dry areas and sterilize human waste products so that such things as entire hydroponic gardens can produce nutritious vegetables of all kinds.